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Executive Coaching


Want individual help with specific issues that are affecting your ability to be your best? Dealing with public speaking or performance anxiety, burnout or an under performing team? We provide tried and true advice and practical tips that will help you be better for whatever the goal is you’re wanting to achieve.


Looking for practical education that you can immediately use to help you with your job or sport? We offer a wide variety of workshops  that can help your team start performing better.  If your team is experiencing any of the following problems, we can bring our expertise to the rescue:


Team bickering  -  High turnover rates - Burnout  -  Chronic fatigue and sleep problems -  Cultural change  -  Work related aches and pains -  Customer service issues - Ineffective leaders - Work-life balance


We will teach you how to handle, and work with, the imperfect environment and imperfect leaders we are surrounded by daily.  By working together as a team, you will learn the keys to navigating the rough waters of life more effectively.




Have a big event and need an interesting, fun and useful topic that the audience will love? We have been giving entertaining keynotes for over 15 years to companies, sports teams, schools and medical groups. As former athletes, managers and coaches, we know what you’re going through and exactly what the audience needs to know. Our belief is that learning should be fun and real-world focused. Our talks will be the talk of your conference.





Workplace Design

The environment we work in can have a huge impact on our performance. Our job is to help you identify the tasks, equipment and processes that might be taxing your team. Whether they are wanting a sit-stand desk or are complaining about back pain, we can quickly identify which tasks need to be tweaked in order to get everyone pain free and productive.

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