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Recommended Classes

Managing Your Team Post COVID19

Help your people better manage their current stress levels at work, home and transition back to work.
This class is great for managers, leaders or anyone who works with a team. Learn how to brain works under stress, how to redesign the workload to get the best out of your people and how to help your team remain focused and productive during high stress situations.

*1.5 hour class

*Class size is 20 or less

How to Effectively Work From Home

This class is perfect for remote workers and anyone who works from home.
Learn how to get your workstation setup properly, how to limit distractions throughout the day and genuinely be more productive inside the comforts of your own home.
* 1 hour class

*Class size is 10 or less

The Science of Stress

One of our most popular classes; beneficial to all humans beings.
Gain the skills needed to reduce anxiety and feelings of burnout by better understanding the physiology of stress and how to get your brain to perform better under difficult conditions.
* 1.5 hour class

*Class size is 20 or less

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